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Level-2 (Advance Hypnotherapy)

It is a proven fact that hypnotherapy is such a technique which improves and enhances the quality of life. It is a known fact that this is an effective technique which can resolve all sort of life-threatening issues.

Two Levels of Clinical Hypnosis are considered to make a person perfect in the technique, however rising from the beginner level, having equipped with the knowledge of all the basic aspects of the system, one can take advantage if he enters into the 2nd level which is considered to be advance stage of grasping knowledge.

In this course we elevate a person from Clinical Hypnotherapy Level-1 to higher level i.e. secondary Level-2- (Hypnotherapist) of perfection considering it advance stage of Learning Hypnosis. Having gained knowledge of basic concept In Clinical Hypnotherapy Level-1 and entering into this level, participant finds easy to achieve the goals and find helping tools in many ways of changing own unwanted habits as well. To accomplish the achievements, a person needs own will power for which Level-2- (Hypnotherapist) provides the additional platform for desires to fulfil.

To increase self confidence and self esteem and to reduce jealousy or aggression, this level is very much useful and effective and can provide simple solutions thereby learning Self Hypnosis and many other techniques which are part of this level. Like obesity is the main concern of today’s life style, so the weight loss can be achieved, nail-biting and smoking or many more habits can also be changed, which we will focus during progression of this level.

This Hypnotherapy Training Course of Level-2- (Hypnotherapist) includes theoretical knowledge and practical abilities of the participants. Counselling with a new client is also taught in this session apart from other mechanisms of handling clients. Group discussions, experiences during the session and much more relevant information are explored during the teaching of this level. In general following contents are included in this level:

Course Contents of Hypnotherapy Level-2
Hypnotic Modalities
Direct Hypnosis/ Kappasinian Hypnosis
Indirect Approach/Ericksonian Approach
Hypnotic Principles and Sequences
Accessing Subconscious while still conscious
Johari Window & Paris window
Dream Analysis and Interpretation
Body Syndromes
NLP & NLP Submodalities
Pacing & Leading
Fear and Phobias
5 Stages of Loss and Grief
Depression & Anxiety
Pain Management
Circle Therapy, Corrective Therapy, Desensitization, Regression & Life Regression.
Counselling and Relationship Therapy
Sexuality & Sexual Dysfunction
Relationship Counselling & family System approach
First Consultation & Counselling Interview
Professional work promotion

The participants are provided support to sharpen their skills and really enjoy the class room learning and independent self reliance under supervision. The participants are helped to prepare their own plan of action after the training is completed. After completing this course, participants are to prepare 10 cases during their practice, over a period of 2 months or more to gain more confidence and proficiency.

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