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Hypnosis-Reiki-Meditation well empowered to Manage Stress
Hypnotherapy Training Consultancy Delhi

Hypnotherapy Training Treatments

Altered state of mind or trance is termed as Hypnotherapy which is used by an Hypnotherapist to transform the desired mindset. It is a state of mind through which we recondition the internal thinking process of our Sub-Conscious mind under the guidance of an Expert Hypnotherapist. We are imparting training of Clinical Hypnosis to interested people for excellence in Hypnotherapy Treatments.

The Hypnotherapy Teachings which we follow have the parameters are different, quite simple and easy to understand as compared to many other schools of Hypnotherapy imparting teachings in very lengthy sessions spread into weeks together, whereas it is not as tough as is described by them. Just spare two day and develop interest and become expert, rest is the practice. We basically teach Clinical Hypnosis for physical and psychic cure permanently, not the temporary dramatic impact to happen as some kind of Hypnotic Stage Shows are performing. They are making different kind of illusions but not the True Hypnosis.

I apart from working as an Psychologist work for Hypnotherapy Treatment exploring psychological factors to cure physical & emotional disorders, helps to improve memory & concentration. I alongwith my experienced & professionally Skilled Psychological-Experts do treat physical or psychic disorders through series of Hypnosis Sessions.

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Hypnotherapy Consultancy- Hypnotherapy Treatments
Reiki Training, Reiki Healing, Reiki Treatments, Delhi

Reiki Training Treatments

It is called Touch and Heal Therapy and is a powerful & wonderful Natural Healing System creating vibrational impact for curing physical and mental disorders through which a special Healing channelization is established through Universal Energies. Sessions of Treatments are our regular feature for healing, but we also teach this healing system giving expert guidance in Training for all levels viz. Reiki Level-1&2. Reiki Mastership and Grand Mastership are the main features of our Courses in Delhi.

It is easy to learn and you Become Your Own Doctor in just very short time of 2 days of training. Reiki Grand Master is the highest place and dignified level to achieve professionalism in Natural Healing System. We offer Certified Courses at our Centre in Delhi and provide Expert Advice during the Workshop. Certificate Courses includes the knowledge of Benefits, Physical Chakras, Human Aura, Reiki Attunements and its working.

Distance Healing is a powerful technique to cure all kind of mental & psychic disorders through remote methods, where sometimes even the receipt doesn’t know how and what he is receiving. Our Centre- Eternal Healing Centre is one of the Best Reiki Centres in India where the Best Reiki Practitioners are available to consultation.

Basic Level-1 – Reiki Healer
Advance Level - Advance Healer
Become a Master/ Grand Master – Reiki Master Healer/ Master Teacher
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Reiki Training, Reiki Healing, Reiki Treatments, Delhi

Child Psychologist

I have been working as an Expert Psychologist, but specialized in reading child psychology for years together, I am now determined to exclusively work for children. Children are precious stones in any family irrespective of their financial status, because it is the dream of any parent to groom their child to the highest extent they can target for their child. While preparing their child to face the challenges in the life, parents try to teach each and every module of child development at their own.

When children go through the various phases of life of learning, they experience crucial hardships due to which sometimes they are neglected, ignored, degraded, feel emotional breakdown or sentimental nervousness. They are scattered and feel negative impact on their behavior resulting them to be isolated or unsocialised and hampers the developmental growth.

The Child Psychologist has a great role at every point of time of any child development to guide for better preparing, it may be at home or at school or in the society. Some children may be down with any kind of psychological disorders, we are always there for psychological consultation or psychological advice for growth of child for better improvement.

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Stress Management Delhi

Stress Management

Stress is basically a part & parcel of life to survive, because without stress a person becomes more lethargic & reluctant hampering the growth and prosperity. A higher level of stress is seen in many corporate houses where we are inter dependent, we therefore emphasise on Corporate Trainings for Managing Stress.

We as Corporate Trainer are specialized in conducting workshops/ seminars for Stress Management having developed many techniques of Simple Meditation for middle/senior level executives. We have different sets of programs for Corporate Trainings both at their in-house training venues as well as at hill stations. Any corporate house may contact to convene either.

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Meditation-Practice Training in delhi

Meditation-Practice Training

A wonderful Spiritual Technique of calming down & balancing the mind is the Meditation. To majority of people Meditation is considered to be a difficult task, because they think that entering into meditation; one has to get rid of all the worldly things like profession & family etc. which is not true. Basically if we need to get rid of our physical and emotional hurdles, we need some effective methods without any side effect. Meditation is one of the best methods to practice.

After attaining years of Meditation Practice and knowledge, we have evolved many Methods of Meditation & give training both at individual level as well as Corporate Trainings because it is very much essential for executives to practice it for implementation of decisions effectively.

Basic Meditation - Basic Meditation Techniques
Advance Meditation - Advance Meditation Techniques
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Astrology-a pure science

Vedic Astrology is a science which reflects secrets of human events of an individual correlated with the planetary movements in the universe. An Astrologer reads the Horoscope & suggests some remedies which nullify the impact of malefic planets.

Acharya (Dr) Ramesh Kaushal is a qualified Astrologer from Bharatia Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi having more than a decade of experience in the field of Astrology. His Astro Consultations are mainly focussed on important areas of life like health, finances, relationships, profession and spiritual development etc. The Compatibility analysis for marital purposes is also provided apart from Muhurta Consultation, since it is well said that well begun is half done. We recommend to get a personal horoscope for your personal queries for achieving success.

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Here is another way to reduce Stress which is absolutely easy Just read my books “The Art of Peaceful Living’ (The way we should live) & Divya Urja Reiki (A Spiritual Healing Technique)

Dr. Ramesh Kaushal
Holistic Health Professional

Human Health is precious which can perfectly be achieved only through Holistic Healing and the great source of such connectively is Pure Meditation, Holistic Healing & Self Hypnosis. Utilising these natural healing methods we gain supernatural powers and enhance our physical strength & mental creativity, which finally takes us into a state of serenity and calmness reducing lots of stress and purifies body and mind.

Dr. Ramesh Kaushal, Psychologist is a perfect Meditation Master of different techniques, a Spiritual Healer since 1998 professionally well qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist from CHI, California, USA, Reiki Grand Master. Being a Psychologist, he is an Expert counselor for any kind of personal, family, social & business Stressors utilizing his experience and expertise at his established & diversified Spiritual Healing Clinic - Eternal Healing Centre.

Through Hypnotherapy Sessions, Touch & Self Meditation, he is successfully treating patients having medical and psychic disorders. He also believes in making people professionally independent in spiritual sciences guiding them through Hypnotherapy training, Spiritual Teachings & Attunements etc.

Therapy Reiki Clinical Hypno therapy Delhi
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